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Wingz Marketing are here to help you get your message out there

Why do we ask?

Because your business, purpose and needs are uniquely yours, your marketing needs are too. We like to get to know you rather than assume we know upfront what you need. Our goal is to give you the ‘wingz you need to fly’.

Day-to-day marketing help

The most common day-to-day marketing requests we’ve had are:

  • I need website help.
  • I need search engine optimisation (SEO).
  • I need a graphic designer.
  • I need content for a brochure, a website, an ad, a report etc.
  • I need help launching a new product or service.
  • I need help with social media marketing.
  • I’m going to an expo next month and need an expo plan (PS. Try and ask this one at least 3-6 months beforehand as it greatly reduces your stress!)
Marketing and copywriting support

Business growth help

Business strategy help to get your businesses running and growing

The most common requests for helping people grow their business have been:

  • I need help to refresh my business strategy.
  • I need help to refresh my marketing plan.
  • I need a digital marketing strategy.
  • I need a monthly marketing activity calendar.
  • I need some specialist one-on-one training for myself and my team.
  • I need a performance coach to help my people achieve their short-term goals.
  • I need some guidance from a Business Mentor on the best ways to future-proof my business.

Why not rent what you need, when you need it?

We put big city marketing within your reach. Bringing you meaningful and measurable results. With us, you can “Rent-a-Marketer”, “Rent-a-Graphic-Designer”, “Rent-a-Web-Developer”, “Rent-a-Coach”, or “Rent-a-Mentor” for as little or as much support as you need and can afford.

With Wingz marketing support, you don’t have to start big and spend big (and it doesn’t have to take months) to make an impact on your business and the way you feel about it! It’s the old clichè: ‘One small step for man, one big step for mankind’. Simply ask for a little help.

You don’t need rocket science (or budget-breaking services) to help you with any of the requests listed above. With the support of partners, Wingz Marketing can help you work your way through your copy, Marketing, and business hurdles.

Helping your ideas come to life

Book a free consultation over coffee (our shout) to see how our way of Marketing works to your advantage.

Wingz Marketing white butterfly for butterfly effect

“It has been said that something as small as the flutter of a butterfly’s wing can cause a typhoon halfway around the world.”

Butterfly effect, Chaos theory

Day-to-day Marketing Services

To help you focus on what you do best, we have a team of marketers waiting to support your day-to-day marketing needs.

Marketing Bulls-eye

It seems to be all about digital or online marketing these days. Don’t take your eye off your preferred audience or customer, the right marketing mix may not just be digital. We offer a range of marketing services, including our top performer – Rent-a-Marketer.


Freelance Copywriting

Crafting content that converts to action is not everyone’s cup of tea. An investment in the skill to move mountains with mere words is worth it. Be it a report, a brochure, SEO copywriting or social media, Wingz Marketing can help take your messaging from meh to wowsers…


Websites and SEO
Websites and SEO

Simply ringing a web developer to create your new or updated website isn’t enough. You need someone who gets SEO and keyword research, understands content structure i.e. Information Architecture (IA), content, design and development – someone who knows how all the pieces fit together.

Graphic Design
Graphic Design

Having the words isn’t enough, nor is just ‘looking pretty’. You need a graphic designer who knows how to position your brand as a leader; how to develop an appealing, relevant and meaningful brand. Let us bring your creative vision to life, so you can focus on what you’re good at — growing your business.

What if you want to do some or all of it yourself?

That’s ok. Whether you simply like to D.I.Y. your stuff, are wary of outsiders because you’ve been burnt in the past (that makes our blood boil) or just can’t afford to have it done for you, we’re here to help. Through marketing help, one-on-one training, performance coaching and executive mentoring, we can help you gain the knowledge you need to go it alone. In fact, we like to see all our clients become empowered to do it in-house.

Business Development Services

To help you grow your business, develop yourself and your key people and break through roadblocks, we offer the following Business Development services:


Our approach is refreshingly different. We believe in working with you and your key people to identify realistic strategic goals resulting in a final, easy to achieve action plan. Our strategic process has proven invaluable, delivering insights that result in effective and affordable growth strategies for businesses of any size.

Wingz Marketing offers one-on-one and group training


Whether you just need to understand how the pieces of the digital and social media marketing puzzle fit together, or want to know exactly how to do things like run Facebook ads, use Facebook Business Manager, manage your own SEO or create a marketing plan, we can teach you how.


Business performance coaching is an excellent option to ensure your teams meet their short-term objectives, Performance Coaching teaches them proven ways to break through real and perceived roadblocks so they meet their short-term goals, improve self-confidence and overall performance.

Mentoring with Wingz Marketing to grow your business


Enjoy the support of an experienced business mentor, a person who is there to be your confidential sounding board, who guides you in achieving your longer- term business goals by working together to help you explore new opportunities, and to make more informed, risk-averse business decisions.


Wingz Marketing gives you the
wings you need to fly.

With Wingz Marketing you get support from a professional team of specialist marketers who:

Are full of big ideas


Have strategic knowhow


Are digitally savvy

Are flexible


Offer affordable options


Are data driven

What others say

A new perspective on growing your business

If you aren’t sure about outsourcing your marketing support, content (copywriting), or getting business support, then maybe you need to look at things from a different perspective. It may be that you’ve been burnt in the past (it drives us nuts to see how many people out there are willing to take small businesses for an unpleasant ride!). So here’s how we see it…

Marketing is more than sales.

Marketing is the enabler, the enticer, or as they say in the military ‘a force multiplier’ (that should result in sales). Marketing is not rocket science, no matter how many big words and theories people throw at you, it’s actually quite simple in principle.

Copywriting services through WIngz Marketing

Words can transform.

They can move you to tears, make your blood boil and make you impulsively buy things you hadn’t even known existed. Not everyone can do that, it’s a skill; a skill worth investing in. Paying for a professional copywriter to write your blogs, develop content for promotional material or write SEO (search engine optimised) friendly content for your website could make a huge impact on your brand, your leads and your conversions.

Good strategy is a puzzle.

Different pieces that fit together to make a whole picture, a picture that’s different for each individual, business, product or service (even look-a-like things may have a different puzzle for success). Just because we’re in a digital era, doesn’t mean the basic principles have changed. The goal is to find out what your puzzle looks like, one piece isn’t the whole picture.

For instance, SEO is only one piece of the strategy puzzle. I’ve met people who’ve put all their effort (and money) into getting to page one of Google without any increase in sales. Put that piece together with solid business goals, a good marketing plan, enticing conversion copy, and excellent processes and you’re suddenly playing a whole different ball game. Finding the right puzzle pieces can give your business the ‘wingz’ it needs to fly!

Helping you put the pieces of the marketing puzzle together

Let’s chat and see what pieces of the puzzle you need help with! Let us know if you would like to collaborate, start a new job, or just say 'Hi'