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Do you know your open rate or click-through-rates? Do you know what the best email marketing practices are?

Email marketing and e-Newsletter support with Wingz Marketing

If your mailbox is anything like mine, then it’s filled with thousands of newsletters from all sorts or businesses trying to sell me their latest blog, product or service. So how do you cut through the noise and get heard?

Creating the right email campaign, or setting up an automated email plan can really help your business. As always, whether this is an activity worth pursuing will depend entirely on the nature of your business and your target market.

With experience in creating dynamic email campaigns as well as assisting companies set-up their automated email systems and CRMs, Wingz can once again bring you big city marketing experience to help your business grow.

Your questions answered

What is an open rate?

An open rate is the percentage of times your email has been opened compared to the number of emails you sent out. One of the most basic email open rate benchmarks for promotional emails is currently around 23.7%. That means on average, 23.7% of your email list will open your promotional email. The rate is slightly lower for e-newsletters, while the open rate for triggered and automated emails are much higher – up to 45% open rate for abandoned cart emails.

What is a click through rate?

Your click through rate is the percentage of your email database that actually clicked on a link in your email. This has a significantly lower benchmark than your open rates, with an average of 3.86% of readers clicking on an email link within a promotional email. It’s important to realise that these are only the people who have clicked on a link, they haven’t converted to sale at this point.

Is email marketing worth pursuing?

So if the statistics are so low, why do marketers encourage email marketing? Well, the right message sent at the right time can most certainly lead to sales. But simply just creating emails for a promotion or a newsletter is no longer good enough. You have to think out of the box to identify how:

  • to reach your audience at the right time
  • who the right audience is
  • what message to send
  • what call to action to use.

What are automated or triggered emails?

Automated emails are emails that respond to an event, such as signing up to a newsletter. Triggered emails are emails created based on a sequence of events – ‘if this, then that’ scenarios – for example sending birthday emails (triggered by a birthday date in your database), or abandoned cart emails. Setting up automated systems in your business doesn’t have to be limited to big companies with big budgets, thanks to email systems such as MailChimp, marketing automation is now within the reach of the little guys too.

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