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Do words have the power to transform? We believe they do!

I don’t know who said it first, and it may seem a little clichéd, but the quote “words can move mountains” has proven to be true more than once…

Copywriting services through WIngz Marketing

Words can transform you…

They can build you up and break you down. They can move you to tears, make your blood boil, and make you impulsively buy things you hadn’t even known existed a few minutes ago.

Not everyone can do that, it’s a skill; a skill worth investing in. Paying for a professional copywriter to write your blogs, develop content for promotional material or write SEO (search engine optimisation) friendly content for your website could make a huge impact on your brand, your leads and your conversions.

Creating content (copywriting as we like to call it) for various print, or online materials can be hard. Finding the words to tell others what you do in a way that’s easy to read and understand can take multiple rewrites and even then you might feel it still misses the mark. That’s where we come in. We have skilled copywriters with experience in helping you say what you want to say, how you’d like to say it and created to suit the place it will be used in (e.g. print, online, social media).

We’d love to help you make your content sing, even more than that, we’d like to see it attract the right customers. We’re experienced in targeted, multi-platform copywriting that draws on our knowledge of content marketing, PR, digital, print copywriting and journalism.

How does it work?

Getting well-written content for your business is as easy as 123


We’ll supply you with a proposal that includes the costs, timelines and details of how we work.


We’ll meet with you over the phone or in-person (depending on what’s easiest) to take a clear brief from you (don’t worry, we know what questions to ask to get the information we need).


Once you’ve signed the proposal and paid your initial instalment, we’ll get cracking with the research and the writing. If you’re nervous about whether we’ll get it right, don’t be. We always include two free rounds of amends to help get the content right!

We’ll keep you informed throughout the process, so you’ll know how we’re progressing. Our copywriting services include creating content for:

  • websites (including Search Engine Optimisation or SEO)
  • blogs
  • marketing collateral including
    • brochures
    • sales letters and emails
    • newsletters
    • advertisements
    • flyers/leaflets
  • reports
  • case studies or capability statements
  • press releases and more.

“Joan ‎was very perceptive and timely. She had the ability to write copy that was easily understood by the target audience. In our case, this was explaining technical information in easily grasped words. Joan was also quick to pick up our branding and portray it in a quality video and magazine ad for a global target audience. In an extremely short space of time, Joan helped us set up a landing page, social media accounts and marketing strategy for a new global venture. Thank you, Joan.”

Caryn Menzies
General Manager at Omni-Tuff

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