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Instead, make it

Deliver measurable results — on your terms, within your budget.

Marketing is constantly changing, and staying on top of these changes can feel impossible. Identifying which shiny new marketing trends are relevant to your business can also be a pain in the… you get the picture. Often small to medium-sized businesses need more advanced marketing support but simply can’t afford to hire a full time marketer – especially not at an executive level.

What's the solution?

Tap into a team of business and marketing specialists who can bring big-city marketing ideas, knowledge and experience to your business, tailored to your needs and your budget. Our years of experience are at your fingertips with our affordable Rent-a-Marketer service. Wingz – your own personal marketing team.

We’re for hire, to work with you, for as little as a couple of dedicated hours a week, a month, or simply for a project; to help you plan, create and deliver marketing support for your business.

Day-to-day Marketing Support Services


We are here to help you with any and every day-to-day marketing task you need help with, from top level strategy to actioning your daily marketing, event, social media, writing, posting or website tasks.


Stringing words together in a way the elicits an action is not everyone’s skill or cup of tea… That’s why we offer our honed writing skills as a service offering. Is it time to take your business words from ‘meh’ to ‘wowsers’?


Your brand, business cards, brochures, images and logo should all work together to deliver an experience and feeling that is consistent. Here is your chance for your brand to have its own consistent personality. Let your business look and feel great...


Simply finding a web developer to build your website isn’t enough. You need great content, planning, SEO, and a clear understanding of how your website supports your business. <i>Wingz</i> can connect all the dots for you...

PR and Comms

Getting word out about your business can be challenging — especially with the changes to the PR landscape. We’re here to help. Our PR specialist has a journalistic background, helping you tap into media in new ways...

Social Media

Should your business be on social media? Which platforms are best for your industry/line of work? How do you create consistent, professional content without feeling like it’s draining your time? Tap into our experience and feel the difference.

Email Marketing

Everyone is emailing these days, making it harder to be heard through the noise. Successful email campaigns require planning, great content and good execution. Why not put our email marketing experience to the test?


Successful advertising is more than just placing an ad the same way you always have. It’s about creating something that turns heads, makes people pay attention. From content, through to design and placement, we’re here to help.

“Once I hired Joan [through Wingz] she began to redesign our lead management process. It is one thing to generate leads, another thing to do something with them. She’s now the champion of our lead management.

The way she approaches her consulting is through research and is fact-based.

I find working with her extremely enjoyable. Joan has a tremendous intellect, and applies a lot of science and research to her work. She is very thorough and brings a professional result.”

Alan Robinson
Chief Executive Officer, Microsolve

Wingz Marketing can support you anywhere in the world thanks to modern technology

Where do we work?

If you’re local, we can come and work in your office with you, just as your other staff do. If you’re not, that’s okay, too. We’ve worked with customers Australia wide (and further afield) and are happy to become your virtual marketing assistants - thanks to modern communication tools we can still have face-to-face meetings and presentations, without spending a dollar on travel expenses.

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