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Simply placing the same ad each month isn’t always the best way to spend your dollars…

Yes, it may seem to be working, but do you know for sure? Getting your advertising right can make a big difference in your return on investment (ROI).

If you haven’t advertised before, then we’re here to help you too.

Our team is here to help you if you need help with:

Creating advertising content

From radio to TV, print and social media, our team can help you craft the words to help promote your business and help you put your best foot forward with hard-working words.

Designing your ads

Our graphic designer is experienced in designing high-quality ads for a range of outdoor, print and social media advertising. We’re also able to help you put together templates for future advertising so your brand remains consistent.

Choosing where to advertise

Yup, choosing the best place to put your ad can be just as important as nailing the copy and design. Our team can help you identify where the best place is to spend your dollars so you can get bang for your buck. We also like to look at how you’ll measure advertising effectiveness so you know when your ads are working (or not, as can happen).

Creating an advertising plan

Believe it or not, preplanning your advertising can be a great help. It can help you put together a budget, review whether ads are working and help ensure your ads are ready at the right time.

Questions you may ask about Advertising

Is advertising necessary?

Whether advertising is necessary is a very subjective question. The answer to this is entirely dependent on your business, your goals, and your budget. When executed well, advertising can lead directly to leads or sales. Whether to focus on social media advertising, or to look at print or even outdoor options will depend on your target audience, your budget, and your business.

Can advertising increase sales?

Advertising can most certainly increase sales, but that doesn’t mean every ad placed leads to an increase in sales. Your ad needs to be in the right place to reach the right audience with a relevant message for it to work. Our team can help you identify how to make your advertising deliver sales for you.

Can you help me with Facebook or Instagram advertising?

Yes, Wingz Marketing has helped a range of businesses, from small to large, set-up and run ads through Ads Manager. We can help you set-up your account, set-up Facebook Business Manager, install your Facebook pixel for tracking and teach you along the way so you can do it yourself if you would like to.

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