Meet the Wingz Marketing Team


Here’s your chance to meet our team of seasoned associates (many of whom have their finger in more than one pie). We’re excited to share our skills and knowledge with you, to help your business gain the ‘Wingz it needs to fly’.

Joan Martin 0 Founder and Senior Marketing Consultant & Copywriter at Wingz Marketing

Joan Martin

Founder, Senior Marketing Consultant, UX & Copywriter

Marketing can seem overwhelming when you don’t know the bits and pieces, and there are so many out there who don’t really have the knowledge you get from formal training – I love demystifying it all and making it simpler for smaller businesses. I love helping others… I help clients turn their thoughts into words for their websites, brochures and blogs. I help customers better understand marketing, so they can make informed decisions, mentor them through removing limiting beliefs and help them create actionable marketing strategies that are within their reach and budget.

Alec Webb

Graphic Design, Web Design & Illustrator

My role is within the field of graphic design and web design, with an area of interest in the application of my visual arts background. My involvement in this field of work stems from an interest and enjoyment in creative/artistic endeavours, coupled with a desire to engage in those things professionally and for the benefit of others. The strengths of passion, creative thinking and invested interest that are evident in my work establish a solid base upon which I respond to clients with a loving, considerate and comprehensive approach towards their design needs and interests.

Alec Webb - Grphic Design Intern and Illustrator at Wingz Marketing