About Wingz Marketing


“We give your business the Wingz it needs to fly”

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It all started with a need. I needed to find work after being made redundant in yet another corporate restructure, and my first client needed marketing support. They didn’t want another employee, they wanted someone who could come in, work a limited amount of hours on their marketing for their budget and get things done. Someone with big city experience. This first client was the reason Wingz Marketing exists, and to be honest, I haven’t looked back.

We’ve grown, we’ve shrunk, we’ve grown again. The great thing about building a small marketing agency, who has taken the time to find the right partners to offer a greater breadth of service, is we don’t have to charge over the top rates. Now don’t get me wrong, you get what you pay for and we need to live, so we’re not dirt cheap. What we are, is value for money.

Where we work

Wingz Marketing is a small, friendly business development and marketing agency based south of greater Sydney in the Illawarra, NSW. We work with people in Wollongong, Sydney and anywhere really (thanks to modern technology). We can work with you in person, across the Illawarra and greater Sydney, or online anywhere.

Wingz Marketing can support you anywhere in the world thanks to modern technology

Big city marketing for small to medium businesses

With Wingz Marketing, we give you the experience of people who’ve done the hard yards in business and marketing and know their stuff – big city marketing for small to medium businesses not able or ready to hire staff full-time (and even those that have the team, but need additional help in an area they’re not strong in).

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to:

  • Help sole traders and small to medium-sized businesses grow and prosper
  • Use the power of mindful marketing to empower you
  • Apply proven common sense processes and tactics
  • Communicate clearly and regularly with you
  • Achieve real and measurable results

What we do

Wingz Marketing offers marketing support, web design, graphic design, copywriting and more

We have a broad range of skills on offer; from business growth strategies to traditional marketing services – copywriting and sales collateral – to specialist website and SEO support, digital marketing and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). In a nutshell, we can:

  • business growth plans and marketing strategy
  • day-to-day marketing support through:

    • rent-a-marketer
    • rent-a-copywriter
    • rent-a-designer
    • rent-website-support
    • rent-pr-and-comms-support
  • one-on-one training
  • business, culture and performance coaching
  • executive mentoring.

If you want to get noticed in today’s frenzied marketplace, we’re here to help.

Some of our clients