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Creating a PR and Communications plan for you

What’s that wild humming sound? It’s buzz generated from your latest public relations, communications and marketing campaign. PR and communications are content-rich and story strong. Mixing traditional media tactics with new digital ones works brilliantly for getting you noticed in today’s frenzied marketplace.

By using organic tools and free media, you won’t burn a hole in your hip pocket either. Your brand stories blend into news feeds and public interest stories, reaching new audiences while staking a prized place in the cultural information groove.

Bringing your stories to life

We’re experts in finding and generating your stories with style and punch. With a swathe of your stories leading your content, we strategically communicate your brand message, to attract those you seek as buyers, followers and fans. Your audiences will grow in numbers while becoming increasingly interested, informed and interactive with you.

How it works

We’ll meet with you for an initial consultation. Based on this, we’ll draw on our PR and Comms Strategy and Toolkit services listed here to create a PR and communications plan for you.

We believe combining tactics strategically is the key. PR and comms strengthen broader marketing campaigns, e.g. they beautifully complement a paid media ad campaign or paid event. Campaigns combining PR and communications with other marketing components is great for one-off events or long-term profile building.

Strategy Toolbox

  • Integrated PR, communications and marketing campaign strategy
  • PR and communications campaign strategy
  • Stand-alone PR campaign: offline and print-based
  • Stand-alone communications campaign: digital only

PR and Communications Activity Toolbox

  • Media release: nail your story, develop your media pitch
  • Media liaison and management: broadcast, print, online media outreach
  • Interview coordination
  • Copywriting content for cross-platform: includes web stories and organic social media
  • Social media scheduling: different copy for different platforms
  • Media alerts: short, sharp to get you noticed
  • Advertorials: newspapers, magazines, trade press
  • Press kit creation and dissemination
  • Event support and publicity: includes invitations, programs, brochures, catalogue creation and dissemination. News stories, web and online event promotion
  • Media monitoring and reporting
Wingz Marketing butterfly - we give you the wingz you need to fly

Why Wingz ?

We’ve had decades of experience working in, and with, mainstream and digital media including print journalism, PR agencies, corporate marketing and not-for-profit communications. We can offer catchy, knock ‘em dead content with a swift strategic delivery.

We’re into information, not spin. We aim to get your real news out there, informing people about what you do, why you do it so well and in a way no-one else does, is our aim.

We’re flexible and up-to-date. We keep up with industry developments, aware of the ways PR and communications are morphing into new forms to keep up with the demands of the digital age.

Make your PR and comms cost-effective

When it comes to platforms and outlets, PR and communications are the unpaid end of marketing. You’re letting us engage the public and free media to do the hard yards for you. We access the amazing power of free social media, public sites, media agencies and broadcasters, on and offline, to get your message heard at low cost.

About Today's PR

Contemporary PR is story-driven. In a nutshell, today’s PR is:

  • Created with a human touch, beating those robots
  • Eye catching and newsworthy
  • Able to blend in with news and cultural information
  • Effective in reaching broad and relevant audiences
  • Encompasses a range of traditional outlets and new media platforms including TV, radio, newspapers, trade news, magazines, online broadcasters, media websites, event and other information websites)
  • Very flexible. A simple media release can be repurposed for a variety of uses for great results.
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