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Finding your social media fit

Just because everyone says you need Twitter, doesn’t mean you do. Just because people tell you that you need to be on Facebook, doesn’t mean it’s going to lead to sales (and not just a whole lot of effort and time wasting for nothing). Identifying where your customers are, which social media platforms will work best for you (if any) and whether you have the time and skills available to do it well are all important considerations when exploring the murky depths of social media for business.

Social Media Marketing support with Wingz Marketing
Social Media Marketing support with Wingz Marketing

Now don’t get us wrong, we’re not telling you to avoid social media, instead, we’re proposing your social media plans for your business are made with a clear consideration for:

  • Your goals
  • Your target audience
  • Your available time
  • Your products and services.

Getting measurable results

Getting real, measurable results from social media can be a big challenge for some businesses (while others seem to simply run their businesses through social). Are you using your social media platforms to their best advantage? Social media may seem easy, but can be far from it. It may be simple to pop a post on your fave platform and boost it for extra reach, but is it delivering business results?

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Learn how to use key social media tactics and tools. Make developing content for social media a breeze. Find out how to track what works and what doesn’t. Wingz Marketing can help you hone your social media strategy to suit your business goals and help you break through the noise.

We are experienced in creating tailored content for the best range of social platforms for you. We produce copy for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and more. Through Facebook and Instagram tools, we can create and run targeted advertising campaigns at budget rates.

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