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How to move from fear to flourishing… a shift in mindset

One thing that’s certain in life is change. It’s how you think about change that determines your wellbeing, achievement and success.

Fear limits all levels of capacity, and opening your mind to possibility, stimulates your immune and psychological, response-ability.

Notice the strength in your ability to be inspired and innovate when you…

  • Acknowledge your feelings, then discern if that feeling is an old pattern from a past negative experience; one that may well have warranted concern, worry or fear, and may not be entirely relevant now.
  • Appreciate your capability, and allow your self-awareness to surprise you, because you are more resourceful than you think, and right now, you have so much more to offer.
  • Agree to accept the challenge of change with respect, because you’ve had the strength to do so much more than survive before; haven’t you.

Now, remember your strengths, be courageous and move ahead with confidence!

Karelynne Randall, MBL | Integrity Solutions Centre®

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