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Meeting your goals

Possibilities vs. capabilities vs. bandwidth. This is an equation which challenges many people… The possibilities are endless, but we are often stopped from reaching them or thinking great things are possible because we are bogged down by what we see as limitations.

How will you ever reach your potential or grow if you are limited in thought by what you believe you are currently able to do?

I have had the pleasure of learning that we can reach far more goals and meet far more possibilities than we believe we can by following a simple equation:

Where you are → Realism (your goal)
Planned path

It looks too simple to be possible, so why not give it a go?

Look at where you are; your current state. Next forget all the limitations you would normally apply and decide where you want to be, your goal or ideal state. Next apply a little bit of realism (your dream may be to be the director of a large and highly successful firm that you own. After applying realism your goal may be to start your own business and to be successful).

Lastly, look at your current capabilities and budget and then plan a path over time with small goals to reach which will help you reach your goal.

Many things are possible given time and good planning!

As a footnote, I add that you should remember to regularly review your plan as things change over time, as do you!

Have fun planning and good luck.